A Piece, A Patch Of Sky

there’s no respect for the things around us
there must be something more‘ they say
more than just that box of matches
more than just the floor

if each of us could look inside
with telescopic eyes
we’d find a place within a place
colored, textured, and designed

there’s more than what you know
there’s more to what you see
every nail in every coffin
every branch of every tree

if each of us could magnify
a piece, a patch of sky
we’d find our home within a home
(a time before our time)
a chance for us to redefine
what it means to be alive

Written: 2010
One of my first poems.
This poem is about the immensity of time, and hidden structures of the universe.
It also highlights a lack of public understanding of science. Scientific literacy is critical in this technological age. Science makes everything interesting. That box of matches is amazing on many different levels, and so is the floor.

“a place within a place”
I’m talking about the microcosmos here, the realm of the very small. From microscopic organisms to subatomic particles, the smallest things in the universe are also the most important. They provide both the structure and substance of our existence.

“colored, textured, and designed”
Let’s be clear. When I say ‘designed’ I do not suggest by the hand of God. The complexity of nature may appear designed, but that’s because natural processes have a way of blindly building masterpieces.

“every nail in every coffin, every branch of every tree”
An reference to the symbolic ‘Tree of Life‘ of biology, expressing the relatedness of all life on Earth.

“we’d find our home within a home”
Earth is part of a solar system, which is part of a galaxy, which is part of a cluster of galaxies, which is part of a supercluster, so on and so forth.

“(a time before our time)”
The further you look out into space, the further you’re seeing back in time. You can even see things as they were before the Earth was even formed; any object further than 4.6 billion light-years away will do. A telescope is a time machine.


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