Stardate: 3.14159265359


This is my first personal blog entry.

I’ve been cooped up in my apartment recovering from a broken foot for what seems like an eternity. I have a lot of time to kill so I decided to create a blog. I plan to fill this blog with haikus and other short poems, songs, lyrics, sketches, photos etc. I’ll also add my thoughts and opinions on noteworthy scientific concepts and discoveries which you can find under the category titled “Reality.”

I broke my foot, skateboarding, on October 19th, 2014. A few months later it was almost done healing (I was finally back at work) when we were hit by blizzard after blizzard. Shoveling snow and walking in heavy boots must have re-injured my still healing foot. Now I’m out of work again. I’m currently trying to hold onto my job at Boston University, filling out all the necessary paperwork one must fill out when taking time off of work due to an injury.

Since January, I’ve been taking an Astronomy 102 class. I’m learning about stars, black holes, and galaxies (along with the major works of Galileo, Newtwon, Kepler, & Einstein). I’m finally doing the math.

It’s nice to finally get some credit for being such a nerd.

I hope you like my blog.

-John Tweak


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