this city window
clear and pristine, crystalline
smeared by human scum

sad words milked from a sad mind
hated for loving

a stage distorted
happy highs and lonely lows
my life is opera

life is a pigsty
it’s the same old S.O.S
can you please stop time?

Written: November 2014
Morrissey has influenced me, one way or another.

A song created by the Pet Shop Boys in reference to Morrissey.
Listen to their 1995 song, Miserablism, here.

“hated for loving”
Morrissey’s 1994 album, Vauxhall and I, is one of my favorites.
Listen to Hated for Loving here.

“my life is opera”
A curious quote from Morrissey. This lyric is found on a bonus track from his 2014 album, World Peace is None of Your Busniness. Listen to Art Hounds here.

“life is a pigsty”
All three lines of this haiku are taken from Morrissey’s song, Life is a Pigsty, from his 2006 album, Ringleader of the Tormenters. This song is, by far, my favorite song on that album. Sean Tweak would agree.
Listen to Life is a Pigsty here.


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