Circadian Rhythm

Wake Up. Coffee. Facebook. Facebook.
Instagram. Twitter. *Like Like Like*
“Ok!  Alright!  Just one more look…”
Blue Light—Wide Eyed—Throughout The Night

Sunshine Brightens Up Your Face. Look!
Breeze Through The Trees. Go. Take A Hike.
The Sound Of Silence. Babbling Brook.
Sunset—Sweet Dreams—Turn Off The Lights

Written: The morning of July 31, 2015


The Morrissey Experience

My own footage, recorded on my iPhone 6. 

On June 24, 2015 I successfully handed Morrissey a hand written haiku from the second row of the Hanover Theatre in Worcester, MA. He grabbed the note out of my hand and placed it securely in his pocket. I still can’t believe it.

To: Morrissey

a being of words
sorrowfully elegant
in body, in breath

Written: 2015
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genes are what survive
death is the sculptor of form
life will find a way

I don’t love your genes
or their gorgeous phenotype
it’s your love I love

a good pair of jeans
what will you leave when you die?
a good pair of genes

Written: 2015
The evidence for evolution can be found curled up within the nucleus of every cell in your body (except for red blood cells). You hold the proof within yourself, my friend.


we’re recycled stars
supernova byproduct
we are what we are

Written: 2015
All of the natural elements (other than most hydrogen, helium, & lithium) were produced within the cores of stars from long ago. Some stars were so massive that, when their time came, they collapsed and exploded! This is what is called a supernova. The heavy elements which were once trapped in the cores of these stars were now freed, blown away to scatter throughout the cosmos. All that carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, iron, etc. eventually came together to form our entire solar system along with the life which resides here on Earth. We are not separate from the universe. We are, undeniably, recycled star dust.

Richard Dawkins & Daniel Dennett

On June 11, 2015 I had the privilege to spend an evening with Richard Dawkins (zoologist) and Daniel Dennett (philosopher) at the Chevalier Theatre in Medford, MA. They sat and chit-chated about science, religion and the future of our world. Richard Dawkins has been an inspiration to me ever since I read his first book, The Selfish Gene, many years ago.

In line at the book signing!

Since there was a book signing, I figured I’d write them each a haiku and hand deliver them myself! Why not?

Richard’s haiku:

the fortunate ones
derive poetry from truth
and not vice versa

Daniel’s haiku:

a man of reason
finds freedom in dominos
he chooses free will


Two horsemen, one book…

Written: 2015