Cycles of Nature

we make sense of time
with a clockwork in the sky
you can count on it

sun setting solstice
walking to the liquor store
cycles of nature

the sun is a star
what are you talking about?
the stars are all suns

for life, for the universe
hangovers destroy

Written: 2015



seas of CO2
endless waves of motorcars
I am exhausted

sky machine exhaust
throughout the years—atmosphere

our cities, they swell
pollutants without boarders
as the jet stream swirls

Written: 2015
In the not too distant future we may (with the aid of advanced technology) be able to control the general climate of the Earth and maybe even day to day weather. Finding ways to counter global warming in the early half of the twenty-first century may just lead us in that direction.

Common Ground

there’s a common ground
between science and fiction
long and winding road

Written: 2015
There’s no finer place to build the foundation of humanity’s future than on the common ground between science and fiction.

I wrote this haiku on the inside of a book (The Physics of Star Trek) I gave to my friend, Mark.


Darwin—first to glimpse
with eyes and mind wide open
man’s true origin

I don’t fear you, World
a spherical arena
you have no intent

if I do not wake
don’t think less of me, think more
for I will be gone

there is grandeur, yet
a deep-seated misery
in this view of life

Written: 2015
These haikus were inspired by the stark beauty, but also the harsh reality of nature.