Starlight On My Back (lost and found again)


Arnold Arboretum – Boston, MA

with starlight on my back
I face the world
it’s a hippy sort of thing
but it saves the world

words become meaningless
when thought turns to daydream
and the beauty that surrounds me
condenses to a scream

a scream of such magnitude
that it rattles the world
with shambles of words

lost and found again

words can only hold their meaning
for as long as it takes a dragonfly
to lays its eggs
in a preferable spot
in a shallow pool of nature
(and hopes for the best?)
flying away with no knowledge

no knowledge of division
of multiplicity, of love
of that which it is made
of starlight
of hippies
of screams

words don’t know their meaning
and neither does the world

what are we after?

waves of arithmetic
swell, surge
into absurdity
into you and me

lost and found again

and, what are we after?

must it all dissolve
only to arise again
into a different sort of soup
or strew or fluidity?

a superfluid

now I’m getting ahead of myself
let me contract

with starlight on my back
I face the world
freedom is a dream
probably a dream worth fighting for

freedom glints with gold
and rusts with blood

its shape is a double-edged sword

its destruction is its conception
melting only to forge

lost and found again

Written: Arnold Arboretum Р November 17, 2016


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