As I Sit

life likes to sit
on precarious ledges
dangling from infinities
as though they were zeroes

expanding and changing
life surmounts every summit
with no goal in mind
without thought of end

as I sit and write
hawks soar, cicadas sing
periwinkles cling for their lives
as I sit, as I write

coils innumerable
following hidden order
hold within them ancient texts
and pass them along




remember when
we fell
alone together
down the rabbit hole
in each other’s arms
yet a universe apart?
laughing, crying, yawning
in each other’s arms

time lost rigidity
its flow omnified
silly putty
darkness and infinite light
nothing but you to hold on to
nothing at all

Written: 2017 – A memory of a lost time.

Pilot Light

the flame at my core
this passion for you
sometimes flickers, sizzles and sparks

yet grows all the more
as flames tend to do
and lights up the limitless dark

you left me quite sore
red flared into blue
internally bruising my heart

but blue flames endure
they burn slow and true
and wait to reignite, restart

Written: May 5, 2017
Emphasis on the “ig” when pronouncing the word “reignite”.

The Largest Lie

no love lasts forever
that’s the largest lie there is
though you feel it in your…
it’s just oxytocin bliss

just can’t quite remember
oh, so long ago, that kiss
you wanted nothing more
no one else’s love, just his

but time jumped—there to here
now he’s someone you don’t miss
no love lasts forever
that’s the largest lie there is

Written: 5-4-2017 at 1:00am

Modern Love

I’ll never forget
your green eyes
your lips
the epitome of red

in a comfortable chilliness
with a backdrop of stone

your cigarette
I asked for a drag
you reluctantly shared

a few smiles
out of place

the awkward hug
you kissed my cheek
at least
I think you did

I’ll never forget
how you told me (via text)
that I never apologized

in the same fashion
that I had apologized (via text)

but back to your eyes

they’re lovely

Written: January 26, 2017


at least I get to see you
in the cloudscapes of my dreams

and it may as well be real
’til my eyes the sunshine beams

our one way conversation
on my blog you’ll never read

keeps me sanguine and serene
while I sit and sip my tea

still by my side—as I walk
past the arboretum trees

you join me in reflection
questioning my sanity

though your warmth is hard to find
as I drift down sleep’s sweet stream

at least I’ll get to see you
in the cloudscapes of my dreams

Written: January 13, 2017
Have I gone too far? Am I too far gone?