How Thin Of An Apple

how thick is the crust of the Earth?
how thin of an apple is red?
it’s surprising to find
such simple questions behind
the cobwebs that clutter my head

how many heartbeats since my birth?
how many more breaths ’til I’m dead?
and just how many times
will I close both of my eyes
rejecting such questions of dread?

Written: December 20, 2016
Dedicated to Carl Sagan, who died on this day in 1996.



When a super star dies, like the artist formally known as Prince, it collapses in on itself and then explodes out into the void omnidirectionally at fantastic speeds.

The ashes of a supernova, like Prince, spread out across great distances over eons of time to eventually enrich newly forming stars—stars of later generations—thereby influencing their color, their glow.

You know what I’m sayin’?

The Crab Nebula
6,500 light-years away…

False Color Image
• Blue indicates oxygen & sulfur ions
• Red indicates star dust (lots of star dust)
• Purple indicates Prince


All Hallow’s Eve 2015


on All Hallow’s Eve
Death’s curtain sways with the wind
the dead may whisper

oh, decaying leaves
discarded, windblown and free
Earth—it moves through you

finding solitude
face to face with selfishness
letting go of love

what do the clouds think?
like them, we shift… dissipate
swept by winds of change

Written: 10-31-2015


Darwin—first to glimpse
with eyes and mind wide open
man’s true origin

I don’t fear you, World
a spherical arena
you have no intent

if I do not wake
don’t think less of me, think more
for I will be gone

there is grandeur, yet
a deep-seated misery
in this view of life

Written: 2015
These haikus were inspired by the stark beauty, but also the harsh reality of nature.


genes are what survive
death is the sculptor of form
life will find a way

I don’t love your genes
or their gorgeous phenotype
it’s your love I love

a good pair of jeans
what will you leave when you die?
a good pair of genes

Written: 2015
The evidence for evolution can be found curled up within the nucleus of every cell in your body (except for red blood cells). You hold the proof within yourself, my friend.

On Life, Death & Atoms…

Sometimes lots of atoms assemble into thinking, feeling, watery entities. Then, later, after constantly obtaining, manipulating, and discarding matter/energy to grow, develop (and sometimes replicate), these squishy thinkers drift back to their original, free form. Free from the chains of emotion. Free from the pain of existence. Unimaginably free.

The atoms of which we are built, in the long run, will scatter evenly across the biosphere of the Earth once again. Even if you are buried underground, deep time will nonchalantly grind you back into your constituent ingredients and mix you back into the great organic soup which saturates the crust of our world. We, in our delusions of grandeur, are only minor footnotes in the epic journey of the atoms.

A quote…

When you’ve seen beyond yourself then you may find peace of mind is waiting there.
And the time will come when you see we’re all one and life flows on within you and without you.

-George Harrison (The Beatles)

Written: 2015


yes, death will find me
no more writing silly poems
no more love to give

my thoughts have now ceased
but I remain in my words
I am what I wrote

there’s no way to know
what lies on the other side
it’s a one way trip

what if when you die…
Continue? Exit? Restart?
too many choices

in sickness, in health
we forget grand perspectives
lucky to have lived

Written: 2015