How Thin Of An Apple

how thick is the crust of the Earth?
how thin of an apple is red?
it’s surprising to find
such simple questions behind
the cobwebs that clutter my head

how many heartbeats since my birth?
how many more breaths ’til I’m dead?
and just how many times
will I close both of my eyes
rejecting such questions of dread?

Written: December 20, 2016
Dedicated to Carl Sagan, who died on this day in 1996.



Darwin—first to glimpse
with eyes and mind wide open
man’s true origin

I don’t fear you, World
a spherical arena
you have no intent

if I do not wake
don’t think less of me, think more
for I will be gone

there is grandeur, yet
a deep-seated misery
in this view of life

Written: 2015
These haikus were inspired by the stark beauty, but also the harsh reality of nature.