at least I get to see you
in the cloudscapes of my dreams

and it may as well be real
’til my eyes the sunshine beams

our one way conversation
on my blog you’ll never read

keeps me sanguine and serene
while I sit and sip my tea

still by my side—as I walk
past the arboretum trees

you join me in reflection
questioning my sanity

though your warmth is hard to find
as I drift down sleep’s sweet stream

at least I’ll get to see you
in the cloudscapes of my dreams

Written: January 13, 2017
Have I gone too far? Am I too far gone?


The Hourglass

time’ll slip and slide away
through the hourglass’s hole
every thing disintegrates
given eons—all grows cold

but do not fear—come what may
stand tall! think! be bold!
and though the end may not be nigh
we still should cherish those we hold

Written: 4-24-2016

Circadian Rhythm

Wake Up. Coffee. Facebook. Facebook.
Instagram. Twitter. *Like Like Like*
“Ok!  Alright!  Just one more look…”
Blue Light—Wide Eyed—Throughout The Night

Sunshine Brightens Up Your Face. Look!
Breeze Through The Trees. Go. Take A Hike.
The Sound Of Silence. Babbling Brook.
Sunset—Sweet Dreams—Turn Off The Lights

Written: The morning of July 31, 2015


yes, death will find me
no more writing silly poems
no more love to give

my thoughts have now ceased
but I remain in my words
I am what I wrote

there’s no way to know
what lies on the other side
it’s a one way trip

what if when you die…
Continue? Exit? Restart?
too many choices

in sickness, in health
we forget grand perspectives
lucky to have lived

Written: 2015