The Largest Lie

no love lasts forever
that’s the largest lie there is
though you feel it in your…
it’s just oxytocin bliss

just can’t quite remember
oh, so long ago, that kiss
you wanted nothing more
no one else’s love, just his

but time jumped—there to here
now he’s someone you don’t miss
no love lasts forever
that’s the largest lie there is

Written: 5-4-2017 at 1:00am

As You Photosynthesize

as you photosynthesize
I sit and contemplate
that which resides behind my eyes
of which my mind is made

you do not think these thoughts of mine
for you do not have brain
to roots and leaves you are confined
but you survive just the same

and what do I do with my life
as the air—you generate?
ponder? question? philosophize?
sit in silence? waste away?

I will not excuse myself or lie
I do procrastinate
as I fill my head with spacetime
and imaginationscapes

while you bask in sunshine
I traverse alien terrain
swim through golden mellow skies
and dance in diamond rain

so, by all means, photosynthesize
while I sit and contemplate
I’ll find some time to organize
maybe next week (that sounds great)

Written: On the porch of NewTweakville 7.28.2016

I Am Alive

Sometimes I wake up and I am almost overwhelmed by the idea that I am alive. This feeling lasts only for the very first few seconds upon waking. The concept that my time is limited fills me. Don’t get me wrong, I am never upset or disturbed by this notion. Rather, I take into consideration how lucky I am to experience and to recollect my experiences in the quality and quantity that I am able to.

Life is, it seems, an inevitable outcome of the complexity of motion. The framework of life is built on, around, and within various moving systems. Running, breathing, laughing, eating, driving, churning butter. Sperm swimming. Planes crashing. Rain falling. Planets orbiting. Atoms bonding. Time. You and me.

Written: 2010

The Hourglass

time’ll slip and slide away
through the hourglass’s hole
every thing disintegrates
given eons—all grows cold

but do not fear—come what may
stand tall! think! be bold!
and though the end may not be nigh
we still should cherish those we hold

Written: 4-24-2016


when time is far gone
will the cold world know itself?
will any thing know?

an infinity
we’re lost in space in hidden
tucked away by time

nothing* is simple
there is something suspicious
about any thing

did nothing get bored
and decide to do something
if not for nothing?

Written: 2014
*Here, the word “nothing” refers to the absence of spacetime, energy & matter.
Keeping that in mind, the phrase “nothing is simple” takes an alternate meaning.
Why is there something rather than nothing?